We stand behind our craftsmanship, but this is a 100% handcrafted item that is custom-made to order. As such, all sales are final. Unless agreed upon, we will not offer a refund or rework due to subjective opinion or any minor flaws in the work due to product variables.

Cancellations are accepted; however, the refund upon cancellation will be pro-rated based on the progress of work (i.e. next day cancellation will refund 95%; 2 weeks into a build will refund 60%).

Product Variables
Please note that this is a handmade item that may have natural flaws and/or minor defects that are a factor from using raw lumber or that of the human element. Also note that wood changes over time. Most woods will change in color when exposed to sunlight. Some woods such as cherry and mahogany will get darker with time; others such as walnut will get lighter. Wood also expands and contracts with the changing humidity of the seasons. This causes problems with certain designs due to the fact that wood only really expands across its grain (the width of the board). This can cause minor gaps in the season opposite to when the item was built. This is normal and will not affect the structural integrity of the item.

Minor Flaws Defined
Minor flaws are defined as any light scratches in the finish, any unintended discoloration in wood due to staining, any minor voids that were in the raw lumber before processing, and/or any minor drips or accumulation of finish. This does NOT include any flaws that are not on any visible surfaces when the item is used as intended (i.e. underside of a table, bottom of a shelf, etc.)

Exchanges are not currently accepted at this time.