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Our Mission: To thoroughly express ourselves artistically, to find synergy through collaboration and teamwork, and to make our world a little better and more beautiful than we found it.

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The Great Lakes Design shop is located in the beautiful, historic Depot Town of Ypsilanti, MI.

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At the end of the day we only have one Earth, and Great Lakes Design is committed to the environment and our impact on it. Beautiful wood furniture pieces would be pointless if the Earth was harmed in the process. Here are some of the principles that guide the art of our production:

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Our Starlight Glowing River Tables are one of the most uniquely beautiful pieces made by Great Lakes Design. The combination of the stunning wood table top, gorgeous hand-cut riverbed, and LED light system make this table truly stand out in any room. Making these beautiful tables is a labor of love, and I wanted to show you some of the steps I take to create them.

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Although your item comes fully sanded and ready for paint or stain, it can absorb moisture in the time it takes to be delivered. Before any paint application, we recommend a light sanding using 150-grit sand paper (or finer). Always sand in the direction of the grain. This helps to minimize any scratches that can
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