As a quick note, I’d like to provide you a little insight into our shipping process.


The shipping is done on a contract basis with independent carriers. The carriers are selected on a bid-based system that accounts for quality as well as cost. The items are shipped directly to you and are usually blanket wrapped for protection during transport. This helps provide safe, quality transport; while minimizing packaging and reducing waste. Once the shipment is booked, the carrier picks up and delivers within the terms that are set. However, the shipping and transport industry is busier than ever. Couple that with unpredictable weather in the winter months, and it’s not always a timely process. We try our best to meet our estimated timelines, but on occasion, our carriers can run behind; so, we ask for your patience with regards to shipping and delivery.


With all that said, all we need from you is your best contact number for when it comes time to arrange delivery. We will notify you once your items are completed, with more details regarding the shipment. In the interim, we are happy to provide updates as needed, and you can reach out to me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

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