Our Mission:
● To thoroughly express ourselves artistically.
● To find synergy through collaboration and teamwork.
● To make our world a little better and more beautiful than we found it.


Who We Are:
Based out of Ann Arbor area in southeast Michigan, Great Lakes Design takes an artistic approach to carpentry and woodworking. Using limited tools and a profusion of handicraft techniques, we create personalized art and furniture and would love to design something just for you. We enjoy working with a variety of materials including hardwoods, softwoods, reclaimed & recycled materials, metal, and glass. We are happy to work on any project and with any budget in mind.


What We Do:
● Artisan & Fine Furniture
● Handmade Home-goods
● Wood & Metal Art​
● Wood Restoration & Finishing
● Custom Woodworking
● Design & Consultation Services

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